Pens, Pencils and Paints

The awkward kiss

Colour pencil drawing from my sketchbook.


No amount of coffee can out run some Mondays. Photo with digital drawing.

Still Life. Green Apple

I gave myself the challenge of 40 acrylic paintings in 40 days.  I hit 38. Two paintings didn't make the cut.

Boneshaker IPA, my default beer

Lucky to have our choice of local watering holes close to home. Deep into solving the worlds problems.

The Tree

My favourite tree in the world. I have painted and drawn it a dozen times and I will do many more. Parry Sound, Georgian Bay

Chemo Brain

 Treatment #3. Sketching helped keep my mind off 'things'.

A whole new can of worms

I think I should have put an apron on the bird.

Big dog. Little dog

'They' say dogs can't tell size.  I have had big dogs forever and now a small dog. I am not sure about that fact.


I like them.