About Grimm

The company
Hugely popular and a wildly funny international enterprise, Grimm Inc. has had the world laughing for 32 years. An already successful story, Grimm creates fresh, funny artwork and offers unique original designs by Canadian pop artist Ileana Grimm, on a variety of products available for wholesale, retail and licensing.
Retail buyers and avid customers can find Grimm's designs on a wide variety of gift products at fine gift stores, kitchen and gourmet shops, retail companies and wineries throughout North America (Disney, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Canadian Tire, Sobeys, Home Hardware, Colaneri Estate Winery, Linen Chest, to name a few).
Ileana Grimm, a slightly off-kilter Canadian artist who prefers to act her shoe size rather than her age, turned her doodling during University into the artwork behind the internationally successful company, Grimm. For 32 years, people have enjoyed her humour-infused art. Armed with a warped sense of humour, a blurred reality and a talent for twisting everyday themes and phrases, Grimm has created1000s of designs on dozens of products, like t-shirts, aprons, tea towels, oven mitts, pot holders and many more. Many of Ileana's original paintings also harmonize bold colour and text, revealing a fresh snapshot of everyday life, through familiar imagery and wordplay. It is this combination that makes her work both accessible and appealing. "I love that I can bring laughter and to others through what I see and hear each day" says Ileana.