What started as a hand-painted t-shirt for a friend’s birthday in 1986 has grown into a hugely popular and wildly funny North American….actually,  international, enterprise.   For years the world has laughed with Grimm on a myriad of gift products.  What has consistently set Grimm apart from the other gift companies out there is not just their talent for creating humorous pop art  but that they marry their designs with the highest quality products.

What do Grimm fans like about Grimm products most?  In an era where shock value has become schlock value, Grimm’s designs continue to be clever and original – they take everyday themes of life and give them a twist – the trademark of a classic Grimm design.

Grimm strives to improve on an already successful story by constantly adding fresh designs and products. Fans  can now find  Grimm‘s humorous designs on a wide variety of different products.  Customers will often suggest products they would like to see and Grimm has listened.

Each one of the Grimm team loves what they do proving that you can mix business with pleasure. Customers consistently say that the team delivers fast, reliable service and are great to work with.

Great quality product and amazing service has been the secret to Grimm’s ongoing success.