It all started one morning when I left for work and there was a shopping cart on our lawn. It was during the crazy covid-19 toilet paper hoarding phase of the virus. My better-half thought it would be fun to put a sign on it 'will work for BEER, not toilet paper'. The next day I thought it would be fun to add Christmas lights. This was the humble beginnings of cartsy fartsy. 

Over the next two months of self-isolation, the cART GALLERY grew regularly.
I had so much fun finding materials around the house to use and create with.

I sat in my window sill office upstairs and watched people and families making the cart a destination when they ventured out for fresh air. Hearing people laugh and seeing people taking photos was really amazing. The cart became my covid therapy. Humourous artwork is what I do but to see people's response first hand filled my creative cup.

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