Mr. Monte (a.k.a Jambon)

                                 Here is a little tale about last week.

Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE), also known as a spinal stroke occurs when a blood vessel supplying the spinal cord gets blocked. When this occurs, it can cause  paralysis to one or more of the dog's legs. Have you ever heard of this? Neither had I until a week and a half ago when Monte suddenly, and for no reason, could not walk.  We took him to one emergency but there was no neurologist. Thankfully the second location had a great neurologist on call. After an exam and a CT scan we got the good news that is was not a spinal disc problem. The bad news was it was a spinal stroke. In 24 hrs he got worse which we were prepare for by the vet. A couple days of rest and 24 hr suppervision he managed to move. By day three we could put him in a standing position. He couldn't walk but he could support his weight, all 8 pounds. We found a clinic, canine wellness centre and began physio. We were taught the exercises and then replicated them at home a few times a day.  Today he is walking knuckling his one foot but only a week and a half ago he couldn't move. I will take a bit of knuckling. In educating ourselves what FCE was we learned how common it is  and it can happen out of the blue. Each day we see improvement. Our little man, I feel, will be back to normal with exercise and patience. We all love our fur families.

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